Style Over Substance: The Happening is a Hitchcockian Nightmare. How does it relate to travel?

Drawing upon a very strange year in film, one of the many obscure citations in a pool of rhetorical bandwagoning and the hailing of M. Nights, “The Happening,” is to bold an idea to be taken seriously as a film. What? Between Spielberg and Hitchcock, Shyamalan’s primary influences yields an…

Overlooked Tourist Attraction is meeting demise in post apocalyptic Haven for Tourist Trappings.

Just like many incarnations of the Genre, Sanity Video seems to helm the favourites of old, this time the Zombie Tv Epic, in the Flesh. Sanity Video is the only store that you can turn to for the bread and butter.

Today I am going to let you in on a little secret, something I realized while attending film school. Now we want to go what is good to catch in the likes of foreign cinema while vacationing…

Carry-All: Why packing light is best?!

Ever heard of a cure-all? Not this time, this time it is a carry-all. Why packing light is best! Single-use Duffel.

You ever heard of a cure-all medication for all ailments related to a particular illness? Like a paracetamol or a cough syrup for the flu or the common cold? …

Klang Valley is an ecclectic mix of Modern Skyscrapers & Heritage Sites.
Klang Valley is an ecclectic mix of Modern Architectural Landmarks and Unesco Heritage Sites.

So my boss kept a journal and began to transcribe a lot of the mood and feeling surrounding his latest trip to Dubai(14weeks Quarantine, it seems) and here is what he learned… so, before I begin I want you to listen to these very few words very carefully… modernity, long…

Jonathan ‘Lim Chin Aun’

Former Screenwriter, Journalist & Film Critic now Travel Writing for Goeureka. Fascinated by Modernity and Impressionistic Art Movements… also, NBA Basketball.

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