The purpose of the Bitcoin and every other crytocurrency may have been an idea, in retrospect, as being ahead of its time, but it does not mean that the Go Token, which works similarly in function cannot help stimulate the economy in a post-covid economy. President Biden and the Obama administration once spoke of the treacle down process and how things begin to get better from the ground up… a world for everyone may have been the message, missed at the time, but there is hope as the cure is being shipped all across the world by now, with Malaysia already investing 3Billion Ringgit in its transportation and storage and its next to nothing cost of administration.

With the ground work being laid bare, the economy of which the Biden administration admits will not pick up during his tenure as President. But, admist it all there does seem to be hope… our take? Prepare for the upswing and do not get complacent. When economies are on the demise the only way to trasition into a fruitful economy from an all time low is to take the first step toward a multi faceted economy. The first step is of course stability followed by stimulus. The Go Token may just be one avenue for this stimulus but it is in fact just a tool to help aid in the procurement of the the fight back.

The big question is how do we orchestrate a rise in price without falling to insider trading? The truth is the only way forward with the Go Token is a capital injection for the company and a refocus upon said happening. We are selling travel, not money!! The story for Go Eureka has always been to promote better living. This also inplies that though the Virus, still being rampant, needs to be contained before we can move forward with differentiating those who want to make money with the Go Token and those who want to buy into better living upon the containment of the virus. Black & White!

So, what about Go Token holders and potential investors? What for them? Now that they know our cards? The myth as it goes is that only 10% of traders make money where the rest of the players will lose, not just yield but also a return in their investment. That is the theory of Fair Trade being applied, but the question for us now is what does the end user expect of investment? Returns or convenience?

The LA Token Exchange was the orginal answer, but brand awareness remains low… I think. As the Go Token is trading for less than One Sent on the LA Token exchange, it is virtually impossible for us to raise enough awareness in this economy. Selling a One Cent Stock for Sixty Cents would hardly take any convincing considering that only 600,000 tokens have been released out of 1 Billion generated. But, purchashing it at a higher price will be in good faith to both the company and the potential of the platform and app. as a tool for stimulus. This is indeed just one avenue for investment but could people not be interested enough to buy higher for our other profilers to increase the portfolio for purpose of inclusion and to plug the deficit in Malaysia, a sum amounting to 1 trillion Ringgit in debt. It’s starts here, post-covid… the call to adventure!!

Former Screenwriter, Journalist & Film Critic now Travel Writing for Goeureka. Fascinated by Modernity and Impressionistic Art Movements… also, NBA Basketball.