Apathetic Eating And How to Fix It

Lim Jay Lin
3 min readOct 5, 2020


When it comes to eating out of sheer boredom or our general lackluster approach to living life there is only one thing to think of when attempting to win ourselves out of apathetic and binge eating. FOCUS!

The mind is a powerful thing and that is exactly how we are going to beat this!

We find ourselves getting lazy in the stark Malaysian Sun and baking in the heat of the low-rise living hell. I live in a Condominium on the 15th floor and on top of that Prima 16 condominium in Petaling Jaya is built up on a hill, so I have a brisk wind to aid in my plight to keep trim, especially as I sample so much decadent foods for the sake of upkeeping my blog with fresh content, and being that it is mostly about food and travel, not to mention the travel related other content of course.

Of course exercise is good and so is routine and keeping busy, but how do we get up off our bums to stay motivated enough to remain looking good in a skinny suit? Well, focus no doubt, but how do I mean specifically? Well, I mean that we can blend our approach to our new and healthy living would-be yarn of a life to by consolidating our problems into one singular approach.

So I have problems. Let’s say, for the sake of argument, I eat four meals and 3,200 calories a day, smoke, drink on the weekends and don’t get any exercise at all, well this becomes my self-destructive life routine. And, before long we would have reached our middle age and are all together on the verge of a heart-attack and/or stroke and the mid-life crisis has kicked in, so much so that we no longer what to do with our lives and it really would become an all down-hill-from-here march to the end of our more than uneventful lives.

Here is what to do before it is too late. Simply put, do let let it become a case of too little too late. You need to re-work your routine and you need to do this now. Urgency will set in and this is where your focus comes into play. Centre your mind on what should have to become the most important thing in your life.

So here is the hypothetical solution to the ailments I have set for you earlier. Keep busy and consolidate your problems into one singular output. Maybe here, focus on R & R and an alternative to smoking, after a deep long and lingering smoke set aside for a good think does serve the same purpose, and maybe chose a vape as a healthier alternative.

So here is your new routine. Firstly think of having on two major meals a day. A big breakfast to start your day and maybe and apple and yogurt for lunch and of course, the main course… dinner the reward for being good. Go for that 5pm run or if you are still working your way up to a healthier lifestyle perhaps a 3 km walk(it only take 45 minutes), then have your dinner and a deep long vape session after dinner to see you into the evening. And, as for the weekends, go for a back rub at a local spa and that should really do the trick. Set your mind and do this week in week out to keep it within bite size chunks. It really would be easier than waiting for your monthly paycheque and before long 4 of these long long, hard weeks would have passed you by and then paycheque arrives in a nicely sealed envelop anyway. Then focus… look forward to your weekends and that R & R session at the Health Spa and before long all should be well.

One of the major problems is that beer is extremely social, so tell yourself that if your friends do no understand then it is probably time to find new ones anyway. Plus friends come and go and the contemporary music on the radio does really inform us of that much. Find friends with the same approach to life and you will soon find yourself to be a happier person. Good luck and most of all don’t forget… FOCUS!