Four Ways Out of Conformity in Film.

There are some tried and varied success stories in film but in this day and age, where the once mighty pillar of higher thought and cinema have fallen by the wayside, the relevance of the Brat Pack, of whom once owned Hollywood are now left along the side of the road, where a little boy is wanting to speak… In contempt he utters these few meager words. These words are belittling and deprecating in a world of higher integrity. These words are Corporate Money(Star Wars 7–9) — J.J. Abrahams, another word would be, Studio System(Reestablishment), (Auteur — James Wan, M. Night Shyamalan, Darren Aronofsky) and Genre(Visual Literacy).

A crushing defeat in a world saturated of marginalization and the latest in Counter-cultures, The Millennials. This movement does not just feel peculiar and rude to all prior parties concerned but also corporate has in effect been siding with the new in, the hot, the relevant of today, where the only advice is adapt or die, `cause as far as I can see Bob Iger of Disney Studios is very much in control here, you know market research and intuitive notions of third world politics remain lingering in an around Hollywood so as to educate the new marginalized world that is waiting to greet us with open arm. I myself am finding it difficult to take all this in as a elder in my very small community Church Run Societal conflict surrounding the elements of social behavior and privatization.

What I am saying is that rules and things change, and being that I am not the best representative of the youth or for me at best I would be part of a guinea pig generation as I like to put it, it does become as well a very sad time for cinema in general. What also comes to mind is that Bob Iger is clearly on top of the new means and modes of communication, because this is exactly what film and cinema used to be 100 years ago and moving forward. They were all the rage and a new crop is emerging. All I want for my war-ravaged-heart is to see someone succeed there, of whom I have trained, to represent us here before the movies become nothing but some static amidst a very luxurious settling for the Auteurs of old. My old question left, signing off, is who is Holden Caulfield? #hollywoodtoday #whatmakeyouofjuxtoposition #alotinthesubtext #alotmoretosay. #cliffnotes