Global Cutting Board for my employer’s Cutting Utensils works perfectly with a make-shift set of knives.

So, it was about time to share something with my readers and to also — subsequently — share something with my employer. Sort of a token appreciation for all that GoEureka has done for me in the last two years(to this date). They have kept me afloat in this trying economy and kept me from minimum wage hell. I have bad knees from playing basketball everyday in my youth, so standing around making coffee and/or taking orders and serving people food was just never going to be on the agenda. With what I have now, the resources that is, I can simply Grab or Uber anywhere in town for the latest in delicatessen fair — that is of course, before Covid-19 became the biggest and most difficult war we have had to fight in the history of modern war-fare. Of course, this invisible enemy is just a virus and by no means am I implying a conspiracy, but that is another conversation for another time.

So, here it is, let me get into the latest magnetic Cutting boards for my Thank You note to my employer, who coincidentally also enjoys home cooking and is — funny as it sounds — enjoying the stay-home rules, which we are all forced to abide by. He does have a half set of Global Cutting Utensils(I know, I have used them before while staying with him in Singapore), of which were all bought separately. The Magnetic Cutting board is good to hand up on the wall where the knives then stick to the board and on full display for friends and guests who manage to grace his home with their presence.

The knives themselves work very well and are amongst the best in the market — super sharp they say. But once the entire ornament is unhinged from the wall it is plastered to, dicing carrots and other hard to cut through foods, the magnetic board comes into play. What I love best about this invisible feature is that though it probably wasn’t designed for this the magnet seems to draw each of the knives down ever so slightly, making for a cleaner cut every time.

I bought one for my mother too, and as my brother continues with his work ethic and keeping the family afloat at his oh-so-lucrative job, even I have employment because of his side-project start-up, we are living more comfortably now then under my father’s guise. God rest his soul for he too was a fan of home cooking recipes… the kind that require a good set of knives and cutting board to throw into the mix.

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