Intuition, Mont Kiara

Lim Jay Lin
2 min readJun 12, 2019
A place for students to “hang out,” says Co-Founder and Mathematics tuition teacher Steven Shorthose.

Study can be as fulfilling as play time, and with Intuition, KL now officially opened, there is room for a little bit of both… at the same time, “Intuition, KL is a place for students to spend some down time, while they prepare for their Form 5 exams,” cites Steven Shorthose, CEO and Co-Founder of the newly resurrected tuition center, in the heart of the Mont Kiara’s Urban District.

I met with Steven Shorthose some twenty years upon my graduation from Garden International School to pitch a new extra-curricular activity in the likes of a screenwriting program. A fundamentals of screenwriting program designed to help students 14++ structure their thoughts, while learning about film culture and participating in something fun.

Extra-Curricular activities such as screenwriting, flower arrangement and foreign languages such as Korean and Mandarin for both students and adults aside, Intuition KL and its syllabus is geared toward an international school’s syllabus, where IELTS serves as the core foundation, Intuition do not limit themselves to the primary focus, instead welcomes anyone and everyone preparing for their Form 5 Examinations. Steven Shorthose had this to say:-

“I believe that hard work and perseverance, and the ability to laugh when we make a mistake is key for students to overcome any obstacle.”

— Steven Shorthose, Intuition KL —

Everything from the floor space to the fees incurred are all geared toward better learning opportunities. For further information see link below.