Millennials could travel the world and never worry about jet lag. Here is why?

Firstly as the the new Millennium is in full swing and we as Malaysians have hit a milestone in our cultural and economic development one could not really say enough about the rest of the world or the trends taking the world by storm without first alleviating all this unwanted attention from the the fastest growing economy on earth today, namely us…

So as it is the start-up economy is bridging the gap between one century to the next… of course by now it can all go without saying; social media; technology, the I Phone and android replacing mobile phones and everything else and the millennials are fast becoming the first people on earth to become self sustaining.

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With the nuts and the bolts laid down lets get into the nitty gritty. As the expression goes, “ADAPT OR DIE” does resonate as a common denominator in this marginalization of cultures across the globe; money becomes the biggest question surrounding the self-sustaining crop that is labelled of the the oh-so-petty counter culture known to us fuddy duddies of yesteryear. What I am saying is that they are a breed of humanity that seems all too equipped to function without routine sleep… a theme resonant of people on the tail end of Gen X — I refer of course of myself. And, yes I am doing my best to adapt… and with flailing effect I might add. I guess, the more things change the more they stay the same.

So as days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months, jet lag will never really be an issue and here is why self sustaining individuals can travel the world with nothing but a fiver in their pocket, all the while utilizing technology and the start economy, to suit their means and ends.

All notions of the self are represented here as the rule of thumb still applies — we only need 7–8 hours sleep a day. I skip a night of sleep because I am in transit as I am galivanting across Europe with no real purpose and any real need to find experiences and do any sight-seeing. So, what begins to happen is that I crash out for 16 hours in a row as soon as I land being that I have been in between connecting flights in and around Europe for over 48 hours straight. I wake up in the middle of the day and there is suddenly a 7–8 hour differential in time between London and Kuala Lumpur. Of course, by now I would had caught up on my sleep by crashing out for 16 hours without disruption and again I am ready to go. I spend a couple of hours checking e mail and find that I have a hit on my fiver page. Now I have $32 in American Currency that I payout into my mobile or android for purpose of e paying my way into a back-packer haven for the collective of wandering souls populating the wayfarer mile. Then of course the disparity is huge once you are jet setting all across the planet and practice the same ideology across a day to a week to a month and basically are never truly interrupted of sleep-depravity… well, you get the idea.

Technology has not really made this new or innovative an idea but it has, some might say, become a truly meaningful coincidence in every gesture and metaphor, as I speak. So, as is said and propositioned again for this generation and all prior generations that had come before… the more things change the more they stay the same… and will forever more.

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