Nothing like Explicit After Dinner Treats

So I began the day by checking my mail and much to my surprise my Vape, Vape Liquid and Vape case arrived in the mail today. I subsequently texted all my friends on Whattsapp to see if anyone wanted to take up the tobacco helm, which I used to stand by. Three people responded and I subsequently went with the first come first served rule — it is a whole carton so should provide solidarity for at least two weeks… for a light to average smoker of fine tobacco products, that is.

There is a saying that speaks of quitting smoking because it causes cancer or is at the very least bad for you, still people revel in the hobby, and yes I do think of smoking as a hobby… a cigarette after dinner much like an after-dinner mint or coffee or for a think or to indulge in some sin for the pleasure of simply being contemplative in your mood ridden hour. Reminds of such films like Blade Runner or Sunset BLVD — you know, the noir variety.

So back to the point at hand. Why smoke? The truth is that it is a decadent delight and the reason I am giving away the carton I purchased alongside another one(yes, two cartons at one go) is because I bought the vape, same decadence different effect on my health. I have been smoking my new vape all day today and thought to report on my latest discovery. The vape can feel just as harsh as any hot smoke producing product releasing vapor into the lungs and it certainly cuts the throat a little but what I will say is that it is potentially not as damaging to the lungs or the circulatory system. As we know cigarette smoke can cause hyper-tension, increase in white blood cell production, low blood pressure and heart attack amidst a whole slew of other ailments, but as I eat a lot(my job requires me to do so) I intend not to indulge in the decadent practice of smoking, indulging in sweets and even reducing my coffee intake… and, that’s my point, my mind will allow me to practice less provocative after eating habits, which should allow me to get a little more exercise. God Bless all those still struggling with the same detriments out there. Peace and Love!

Former Screenwriter, Journalist & Film Critic now Travel Writing for Goeureka. Fascinated by Modernity and Impressionistic Art Movements… also, NBA Basketball.