Six Foods to Prevent Pre-Mature Ageing

Unlike Carcinogen, which can cause cancer forming agents in the body, free radicals can ofttimes be more disparaging to your health and well being. Firstly carcinogen traps itself in the body and is dispersed through certain products such as red meat, dairy and tobacco products, so a clear distinction must be made. Carcinogen is not formed of an unhealthy living and excessive use of the product categories above mentioned, but is actually released into the body because these products carry them in their chemical make-up. Everything in moderation is the solution here and a healthy dose of exercise is the best way to go.

With this distinction made, we can now move on yet another damaging chemically-induced substance, oftentimes released into the blood without our knowledge — free radicals. Free radicals are unstable atoms in the body that damage cells and causes long-term health related ailments. Little is known about the substance or their role in human health except that it dramatically affects the immune system and can cause lactic acid build up, which then subsequently affects the recovery period after exercise. But, with proper care premature aging can be alleviated. (Disclaimer: list below are meal suggestions for each part of the day — Approach with caution).

  1. Six Daily Servings of Fruit and Vegetable.
  2. Oats and Whole Cereal with Almond Milk as a Healthier Alternative to Cow’s Milk.
  3. Tea & Coffee — One Continental Cup during breakfast or after dinner.
  4. Egg Whites.
  5. Fish as a Replacement to Red Meat.
  6. Red Wine instead of white over Dinner — Just the one glass.

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