The latest in trends that has struck Kl by storm, as we begin to uniform our culture and economy around a Slogan that reads, “ Satu Malaysia,” people are beginning to think about better ways to spend their money. So, instead of bar brawls in Bangsar and Love lorn love affairs left by the weyside amidst the Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman cross-junction, where all the hot club spots used to reside, the common rhetoric begins to think twice about spending their money on cheap booze and fast women.

Instead, Malaysians are looking to more recreational fare. Outside of communal bike riding, jungle trekking and Treasure hunts, fishing has become a quick way to spend your money, especially for the new rich and the middle-aged(who have since learned the error of their ways).

Before we venture further to explore the latest and hottest spot for Catch and Release Fishing, let me first mention that the best has yet to come, where drinking bins and the latest in hearty designer food eateries, the new more-is-less is that of alternative recreational activity. I guess some still linger in the within the old nooks and crannies of Colonial Malaya. Money is money and to whatever suite your decadence, really. I guess the more things change the more they stay they same.

So, on with it…

Word on the street is that the best saltwater fishing pond in Kuala Lumpur is infamous for its array of fish, ready to be caught amidst their four ponds, Jugra Salt Water Fishing is stocked to the brim with Barrumundi, Grouper, Redfish, Giant Trevally and Snapper. As was first mentioned, of the four designated ponds, meant for catch and release fishing, three of which allow you to keep your catch of the day, and it seems the success rate is quite high.

If you do not intend to keep your catch a few rules apply to the designated catch and release pond. The salt water fish from this lake are only allowed to be caught via fishing lure or other soft plastic lures. As is, the other three will allow you keep the catch, but most are attracted to these fishing spots simply because of the Barrumundi and Snapper. The bite rate is high the staff welcoming and the escape is somewhat secluded so pack a light lunch, because you could be “lured” into spending the entire day there.

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