The Empress Bar & Kitchen, Victoria Park — One Year Now

We started with pints of an American Pale Ale and some marinated olives and then transitioned to a few starters and main menu items ready to share. There were four of us.

It was unlike any traditional pub fare I have ever had, instead, it was more akin to a fine dining experience taken by the roadside of the Mile End Pub, situated on the D6 route en route to Hackney. An East End Pub, now not so much the dodgy end of London, is fast becoming an epicenter for good food and imported beer. Beaver town Gamma Ray was the specialty ale in mention, and as for some of the finer foods in question, try the Lamb Arancini, Coriander Chutney Burrata with Peperonata Rocket, Courgette Risotto with Lemony Rocket and/or the Rabbit Cacciatore with Baby Potatoes. But, don’t forget the triple cooked chips soaked in Goose Fat and deep-fried in vegetable oil for that exceptional treat.

Did I mention, there were four of us? Well, we tried everything on the menu and I guess the aforementioned items were the ones in highlight, but rest assured… well, the food is exceptional.

The food & beverage being great on its own may not be enough to sway your expectations or demands when in question of a good night out, with fine food and drink. So consider this, with hi-fashion is at its most opulent, there would be no better place to be seen, not on the East End, make sure to be at your all-time best. In short, a place to be seen enjoying your hard-earned currency, trending it up as we speak.

And, as if it could not get any better, service does not come without a smile. So, consider all primary prerequisites for a good night with friends and then forget the pub crawl `cause you’re here to stay… for after dinner drinks or otherwise.



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